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    Why pay $40 for suede leather handlebar tape when you can cut it from abandoned office chairs? #diy #cycling #gear #reuse #recycle

  12. Looking down from a wooden tower on the shore of Snogeholmssjön.

  13. Some of our random plunder. All food pillaged from the nearby forests and trees found along our route to Snogeholms.

  14. Before we began our trip, we sat down with some beers and looked at potential routes, distances, camping spots, and fishing holes.

    While looking at a goggle street view of a random lake we noticed a sign on the side of the road. Snogeholms Slot it read. Snoggy holmes. In our semi-inebriated state we found this pairing of phonemes to be eye-watering hilarious. It immediately became both the battle cry and arbitrary Mecca for our forthcoming adventure. “Snoggy” became an adjective for anything we wanted it to be. It became my new rapper name. Kai made an old english tattoo of it. Basically, we kept “shit snoggy” and decided by hell or high water we would make our way to Snogeholms, where we would stand in front of an arbitrary tree from google street view, and take a photograph.

    Lucky for us, Snogeholmssjön is somewhat of a respected fishing lake in Sjöbo, Sweden, with plenty of places to set up a camp and sandy banks to throw out a line. We had been anticipating this day for weeks and it somehow lived up to our somewhat unreasonable and legendary expectations.

    After finding a shady spot beneath the lakeside trees, we set up camp and celebrated with some tasty Scotch saved for the occasion.

  15. If you ever wondered where the colors of the Swedish national flag may come from, spend some time traveling through Skåne’s countryside.